Acrobatic Arts Exams

Acrobatic Arts Exams are focused on developing motivation, building goal setting skills, accountability and perfecting technique. Students will learn acro in the five fundamental areas (Flexibility, Strength, Limbering, Balance & Tumbling) and safely progress from cartwheels to sides aerials.

This syllabus includes twelve levels from Primary to Pre-Professional 3. During this class students will focus on skills in their specific level with the end goal of performing each skill for an Acrobatic Arts Examiner at the end of the season. All exam candidates will receive a report card complementing areas of excellence and suggesting areas for improvement. Students who receive the grade ‘Superior’ will also receive a medal to commemorate their achievement.

For more information on the Acrobatic Arts organization, you can visit their website here:

Dynamic Aerial & Acrobatics is a certified studio teaching the Acrobatic Arts curriculum. 


Prep Classes & Exam Schedule

Prep Classes Begin: Jan 13, 2024 (runs every other Saturday)

Prep Class times: 

Primary – L2 : 11AM – 12:PM

L3 – L5 : 12PM – 1PM

L6 – L8 : 1PM – 2PM


Exam date: June 7, 2024

Acro Exam Prep classes will run every other Saturday starting on January 13, 2024. With the exam taking place on June 7, 2024 (optional August date as well). This year you will register online for the prep classes. Please register for the time slot according to your child’s exam level. The times scheduled are subject to change depending on how many students register. There’s a chance we may have to combine levels. If you are unsure what level you are please get in touch with us to set up an assessment or ask your acro teacher.



Price: $35/person per class