Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra, Aerial Ring or Cerceau) is a circular steel apparatus resembling a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling. In this class you will learn Aerial Hoop basics such as mounting, posing, spinning and moving within the hoop. 

Each class you will be challenged and guided through many different hoop tricks to create new and different combinations all while getting a great workout and having lots of fun.

Our Aerial Hoop program follows the Aerial Arts Syllabus as well as our own in-house curriculum. The class starts with strength & conditioning exercises that incorporate the aerial hoop. Students will then go through the proper progressions to safely achieve different aerial hoop poses, spinning & combos. We will be offering exams for this class through the Aerial Arts Program once they become available.

We highly recommend that your child take the following classes to help supplement their aerial training: Acro Tech or Contortion. Either of these classes will help your child build more flexibility and strength. This is a great bonus to have when trying to achieve those harder aerial hoop poses.



Bare feet/athletic wear (tank top & leggings or bodysuit preferred). No jewelry or zippers on clothing! Some moves are better with long sleeves & pants.



  • Water
  • Extra long sleeve
  • Grip Support (Dry Hands, Rosin, Chalk) optional
  • Hair tie if needed